Chinese port completes N4 roll-out

Lianyungang New Oriental International Terminals (LNOIT), a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Ports, has completed the implementation of the N4 terminal operating system (TOS) from Navis, the first COSCO SHIPPING Ports Group terminal to switch to the software in China as part of a pilot programme for a wider scale roll-out in the future.

Located on the southwestern coast of Haizhou Bay in China, LNOIT specialises in international container loading and discharging at Lianyungang Port, which currently operates more than 20 international and domestic routes.

The terminal will use N4 to optimise performance, including streamlining its railway container operations, but also for longer term adaptability and scalability to be able to react to changes in customer demand.

“Our partnership with Navis is important to the overall strategy of our company. As we look to expand, we need an innovative system that is a global leader in the space to grow with our business,” said Zhang Dayu, Managing Director of COSCO SHIPPING Ports.

“As the shipping industry is flourishing and the demand for mega-ships and more containers is on the rise, we look forward to the ways we can work with Navis to continue to remain a leader in the space.”

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