Digital charter party signature system launched

Competitive ShipBrokers Ltd (CSBL) has collaborated with DNV to develop a new dedicated electronic charter party signature software system, which will allow CSBL members and their clients to complete charter party signature processes digitally.

CSBL members Arrow, Bancosta, Fearnleys, IFCHOR, and Thurlestone have already signed up to use the OceanSign application, which will enable the companies to manage their documents within the software.

“OceanSign allows users to track and control the whole charter party signature process in one application, something that has been missing in other e-signature products,” said Pierre Aury, CEO of CSBL.

“Aware of the future-proof data sharing and storage capabilities of (DNV’s) Veracity, CSBL embarked on a cooperative project with them to develop an e-signing solution flexible enough to suit all the requirements of the shipping industry.”

The application was developed by DNV’s Veracity team and will link with the cloud-based platform to provide centralised digital document sharing. Charter Parties are stored in the Veracity cloud where clients using OceanSign can access them. Users can only access their own contracts and are unable to view or even detect third-party contracts or data.

“We are delighted to work with CSBL, building a trustworthy and secure e-signature solution for their members and clients,” said Mikkel Skou, Executive Director of Veracity by DNV.

“The OceanSign application is utilising core Veracity components and third-party e-signature functionality. This makes for a robust and secure solution which will enable CSBL members to increase efficiency in contracting whilst also reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that they create.”

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