IKM Instrutek partners with Kongsberg for condition monitoring data collection

IKM Instrutek has partnered with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) to connect its services to Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight platform.

The Vessel Insight system is used to collect data on board a vessel and transfer it securely to the cloud. Connecting IKM Instrutek’s sensors and services to this infrastructure will allow IKM to more easily offer condition monitoring services to common customers.

“We are happy to announce our new partnership with IKM Instrutek. We expect this partnership to provide great value for our customers, as well as for IKM and KDI,” said Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President for Digital Ocean at Kongsberg Digital.

“IKM Instrutek is delivering equipment and services related to lifecycle management of critical equipment in heavy asset industries, and these services, combined with additional services in the KDI ecosystem, have great potential to become a stepping-stone for our customers to enter into a condition based maintenance strategy for their assets.”

“With the demanding need and focus for Condition Monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance in all industries, the use of IKM Instrutek’s already proven CM system will now be integrated to KDI`s Vessel Insight. This way, end users can retrieve, display and store data to secure their vessels’ uptime, having real-time data from critical machinery for evaluation during auto-diagnosis, or IKM Instrutek analyst experts connecting to the ship, onshore server or a cloud.”

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