STQ in Canada to deploy AI-powered engine monitoring on two more ferries

Canadian ferry operator Societé des Traversiers du Quebec (STQ) has agreed a five-year Optimised Maintenance Agreement with Wärtsilä, which will see Wärtsilä’s artificial intelligence (AI) predictive maintenance systems applied to management of two of its vessels’ engines.

The agreement covers the ‘Jos Deschenes II´ and the ‘Armand Imbeau II’, each of which operates with Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel engines. A similar agreement was previously signed between the parties covering another STQ ferry, the ‘F.A. Gauthier’.

Wärtsilä’s Expert Insight and Data-Driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning services will be provided under the deal, using AI analytics and remote monitoring to perform predictive maintenance and performance optimisation, a process that Wärtsilä says can reduce unplanned maintenance by up to 50%.

“The Wärtsilä agreements deliver the operational certainty that is essential for ferry service providers. Equipment reliability is enhanced, maintenance is optimised, and efficient performance is assured, all of which enable cost savings over a long term,” said Luc Morneau, Director of Marine Operations at STQ.

In addition to the engines, the agreement also covers the LNGPac fuel storage, supply and control system, the Gas Valve Unit, and the ships’ electrical and automation systems.

The 92m passenger ferries are part of the Canadian Province of Quebec’s transportation system.

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