Asiatic Lloyd Maritime to employ data analytics to improve efficiency

Asiatic Lloyd Maritime (ALM), a shipowner based in Singapore and Hamburg, has agreed a deal to integrate Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight system aboard its new container vessels, to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

The Kongsberg platform is used to collect and connect vessel data to the cloud, making it possible to use applications through the Kognifai Marketplace.

“ALM are looking forward to using data collected by the Vessel Insight infrastructure to employ state-of-the-art vessel performance monitoring systems and maintain vessel efficiency to the highest possible emission ratings,” said Tonci Zdunic, Group Fleet Director, Asiatic Lloyd Maritime.

The four 7100 TEU container vessels will run on Kongsberg Maritime Automation systems, with an integrated package to be delivered consisting of a K-Chief Alarm Monitoring & Control System and an AutoChief Propulsion Control System. Sensor data from the vessels will be automatically collected and transported to the cloud for analysis and visualisation.

“Asiatic Lloyd Maritime have set ambitious targets when it comes to improved operational efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of their fleet, and we are truly excited to get the opportunity to assist them in reaching these targets,” said Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President, KDI.

“Digitisation of major work processes will be crucial to mitigate the sustainability gap in the maritime industries, and we are very pleased and proud that Asiatic Lloyd Maritime have chosen our Vessel Insight service as a vital component in their digital infrastructure.”

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