Adaptive power management system for adverse weather conditions launched

StormGeo has added a new service aiming to assist ship operators in optimising the power output of a vessel in varying weather conditions, to improve overall fuel efficiency and reduce emissions without compromising arrival windows.

When a vessel meets adverse weather conditions, such as high significant waves, strong wind and currents, it must output more power and thus consume more fuel to maintain its speed and revolutions per minute (RPM).

StormGeo’s new Strategic Power Routing system takes that current weather condition data and combines it with statistical speed loss figures calculated by vessel type to recommend an RPM that stabilises power and fuel consumption, rather than allowing them to spike.

“While developing Strategic Power Routing, our biggest insight has been integrating the statistical speed loss calculations into our weather forecast algorithm,” said Rolf Reksten, VP Route Advisory Services for StormGeo.

“In addition, our algorithm is composed of data being collected from thousands of vessels over many decades, so it is constantly improving. This allows for much more accurate RPM and power advice, enabling the vessel to run at optimal power, reduce fuel consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout the voyage.”

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