Telenor to add XipLink to boost Ka-band VSAT service

Telenor Satellite is to work with XipLink to improve its Anker Ka-band VSAT managed service offering, combining XipLink’s link optimisation capabilities with its existing iDirect Velocity platform to enhance end-user experience.

“Both Telenor Satellite and iDirect Technologies were very clear in communicating what was required of XipLink and our role in complementing the Anker service,” said XipLink’s CEO Jack Waters.

“Specifically, XipLink’s wireless link optimisation capabilities increases the end customer’s quality of experience through enhanced speed and reliability while also improving the economics/affordability of the Anker service connections.”

“We are pleased that we have met these objectives and will continue to accept input from our partners and their end customers on how XipLink will add further network performance values.”

The technology should deliver better quality of service for crews and passengers, with the Xiplink WAN optimiser system in particular expected to boost connectivity on high-bandwidth vessels and offshore installations.

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