MSC to implement remote IT management on 127 vessels

Container shipping giant MSC has agreed a deal with satcom service provider Marlink to implement an IT network management system to increase standardisation of its onboard systems on some 127 vessels.

Marlink’s ITLink network management technology will allow MSC’s fleet managers to monitor shipboard IT systems and software from shore, providing remote access for monitoring and troubleshooting, while also offering the option to perform software updates and patches fleetwide from a central source.

The new set up will be connected via the existing hybrid communications networks on the vessels, also supplied by Marlink, incorporating VSAT connectivity with L-band backup and global 4G connectivity, with automated switchover between the different comms options depending on availability.

The infrastructure is secured by Marlink’s Cyber Detection Service, which scans real-time outbound and inbound network traffic for targeted cyber threats and takes immediate countermeasures where required.

“Marlink understands the critical requirements that drive container lines; operating a global service with high attention to asset availability, service reliability and security that demand a global approach,” said Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink.

“Our partnership with MSC will enable them to build a digital ecosystem that supports efficient vessel operations and compliance, powered by world-class connectivity.”

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