Cosco Shipping Ports Spain agrees AI optimisation deal with Blockshipping

Cosco Shipping Ports (CSP) Spain has agreed a new deal to leverage AI technology from Blockshipping as part of a project to improve the efficiency of yard movements at its terminals.

CSP Spain’s volume has already grown by 8.1% during the first two months of 2022. With a total capacity of 3.5 million TEU, the company has chosen to partner with Blockshipping to help optimise import operations.

“As the main gate of access of containerised cargo to the Iberian Peninsula, we are the natural port of Spain’s capital city and are constantly looking to improve our services to our customers,” said Ignacio Huet Grondona, CIO, CSP Spain.

“The targeted AI approach developed by Blockshipping and their proven results, combined with our strong innovation vocation, convinced us that this is the best alternative for us. In addition to improved yard efficiency and being able to handle more containers within our existing capacity, we expect the solution will help us make a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions.”

Optimisation of container terminal operations has grown in importance in recent years as congestion continues to impact global transportation, with operators looking to find the optimal methods of utilising their available capacity.

“Advanced terminals have started to look at the efficiency gains that can be achieved with AI. Having been entrusted by one of the largest operators in the world is a sign of confidence in our solutions,” said Mogens Hansen, CEO of Blockshipping.

“Our Cloud-based AI-IDP solution has proved capable of predicting the expected container gate-out time with more than 50% accuracy, leading to significant cost savings in unproductive moves, and, because our predictions are provided prior to discharge, they enable CSP Spain consistent improvement in their yard planning.”

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