Thome Group rolls out BASSnet as fleet application platform

Ship manager Thome Group has begun rolling out the BASSnet Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for its offices and managed vessels, with the business implementing BASSnet 2.11 as its standard organisational data application.

The contract between the firms includes all core BASSnet modules including apps, SaaS deployment in Microsoft Azure and database building and conversion.

A single centralised database will allow the fleet to operate from a common information set, to support more accurate fleetwide analytics and reporting. The BASSnet Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard will also be provided as part of the package to offer operational insights by individual vessel or at fleet level.

“BASSnet will give costs and productivity gains in a modern, integrated digital solution,” said Olav Nortun, CEO of Thome Group.

“With BASSnet, we have a fully integrated suite to streamline our processes across our large fleet by repurposing data and enabling us to offer our customers a more agile platform to draw information from.”

“I’m immensely excited about this opportunity to add another building block in our strategy to build on Software as a Service, deployed in a Microsoft Azure environment. We look forward to working closely with BASS on this important journey.”

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