ZeroLab completes shipping emissions analysis project for CBH Group

ZeroLab, a subsidiary of Torvald Klaveness, reports that it has completed a project with Australian grain exporter CBH Group to deliver its first detailed analysis of CBH’s GHG emissions from shipping in 2021.

“As our customers increasingly care about the carbon footprint of grain, it is important for us to understand the role of shipping in our supply chain emissions, and the data-driven insights provided by ZeroLab will support our overall sustainability goals” said Pia van Wyngaard, Head of Chartering at CBH Group.

The project focused on CBH’s ‘Scope 3’ emissions from shipping, also known as indirect supply chain emissions, and was carried out using Klaveness Digital’s CargoValue platform, which provides companies with a digital twin of their seaborne supply chain.

“We are delighted to conclude this initial evaluation with CBH in quantifying their emissions from shipping,” said Morten Skedsmo, Head of ZeroLab.

“CBH has a strong reputation when it comes to sustainability, and better understanding the carbon footprint of their supply chain will help them on their journey towards better sustainability outcomes.”

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