Shell trials crew smartwatches for safety management

Shell International Trading and Shipping Company, the shipping arm of energy company Shell, has undertaken a trial of the system from SOL-X of Singapore on one of its LNG tankers, to assess how the technology could be used to improve crew safety management. features an intrinsically safe SOL-X SmartWatch used to provide overall crew situational awareness of their personal wellbeing by collecting data from the seafarers and feeding it into the platform to digitally manage safety workflows.

Features specifically useful for the LNG tanker trial include virtual barrier management and the ability to account for crew faster before the release of CO2 and during emergency drill mustering.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Shell in deploying preventive technology to improve human performance and evolution of shipboard safety culture,” said Paul Keng Teoh, Vice President of Growth, SOL-X.

“At SOL-X, we understand that safety is the top priority for any ship operator and focusing on the human factors will reduce crew risk exposure and improve crew productivity. Ultimately, it will save operational cost in the long run and differentiate sustainable ship operators from their peers.”

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