Spire adds maritime weather data products to portfolio

Spire reports that it has added new Weather Insights and Weather by Route services to its maritime product portfolio, to provide users with an analysis of how upcoming weather conditions will impact their operations.

Spire collects global weather data through its constellation of over 100 satellites, combining this data with maritime expertise through artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide support for vessel operators.

Organisations can integrate Spire’s API into their own applications to add the information into their workflows, so the additional data and actionable recommendations can be applied to voyages.

Modules include Risk Insight, which provides weather risk levels for vessel, cargo, and crew at each leg of a voyage at sea. The user inputs characteristics of the vessel, load, and desired route into an API and Spire’s algorithm calculates the projected risk along the route.

Efficiency Insight is another module, which aims to anticipate the impact of weather along each leg of a route to support optimisation, both before and during a voyage, to reduce fuel consumption.

The third module is Weather by Route, providing customised weather forecasts along a vessel’s planned path to assist vessel operators planning a route or monitoring a voyage in motion.

“As a mission-driven company, we’re committed to providing solutions for today’s global challenges, such as global supply chain disruptions and climate change,” said Dr Kevin Petty, VP, Weather and Earth Intelligence at Spire.

“Our weather solutions give maritime organisations the resources they need to optimise fuel consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, better predict port ETA, and keep crew safe from hazardous weather conditions.”

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