Singtel launches iSHIP platform

Singtel has launched its new iSHIP platform for the maritime industry, combining satellite-enabled connectivity with digital services for operations, cyber security and crew welfare.

“Our seas are a major mode of global trade and transport. But the pandemic has disrupted global supply chains and shipping operations, driving strained crews, who are more accustomed to traditional or manual processing methods, to navigate fragmented digital resources and applications,” said Ooi Seng Keat, Vice President, Carrier Services, Over-the-Top & Satellite, Group Enterprise, Singtel.

“iSHIP was specifically designed to address these challenges and provide a versatile solution for shipping companies that are accelerating digital adoption and also have decarbonisation and crew welfare high on their agenda.”

“By making it easier for ship owners and operators to procure and steward digital services and resources, they can focus on keeping the world economy running, supporting billions of people who rely on our seas for food, energy and transport.

Services within the iSHIP portfolio include Smart Connect, Smart Care, Smart Operations, Smart Crew and Smart Security.

Smart Connect covers satellite communications, while Smart Care involves the provision of teleadvisory services (to be introduced in Q3) to give seafarers direct access to a trained medical professional, who can render assistance in situations beyond the skills of the medic onboard.

Smart Operations will leverage Internet-of-Things (IoT) and data analytics to manage and improve operational efficiency, while Smart Security provides protection against malicious cyber intrusion attempts as well as education and assessment courses for seafarers.

The Smart Crew service includes a range of of crew management systems, from incentive schemes to entertainment packages with access to local news, internet radio, movies and television series. An automated data management feature is included to ensure data-heavy content like movies will be downloaded via satellite during off-peak periods.

Users can select the combination of digital services they need from within the iSHIP portfolio and Singtel will manage installation and ongoing support, from initial provisioning and onboarding, scaling resources on an as-needed basis, to resolving technical or service issues encountered.

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