Capital Ship Management adds digital decarbonisation systems to vessel fleet

Capital Ship Management has signed an agreement to deploy a new digitalisation and decarbonisation platform from class society ABS, in support of Capital’s ongoing sustainability planning strategy.

The ABS My Digital Fleet software is a configurable risk management platform that provides AI-driven insights into operational performance.

Environmental data analysis within the platform provides visibility into the impact of daily decisions on the vessel’s carbon footprint and allows for identification of improvement options in areas like fuel efficiency and reduction of carbon intensity.

“At Capital, we strive for digital technologies to be used in every part of operations aiming to increase competitiveness, enhance operational efficiency as well as meet decarbonisation targets,” said Nikolaos Vaporis, Chief Technical Officer, Capital.

“We are very excited to implement the ABS My Digital Fleet digitalisation and decarbonisation platform.”

The agreement is the latest move by Capital in its ongoing emissions reduction programme, following a recent announcement securing ABS notations and recognising investments in decarbonisation technologies for its newbuild orders for medium range tankers.

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