DNV launches SEEMP III Generator tool for CII compliance

DNV is launching its new SEEMP III Generator as part of its range of digital tools to support shipping companies in ensuring their compliance with SEEMP Part III verification requirements.

The deadline for having the first SEEMP Part III verified and onboarded is 1 January 2023, in line with IMO’s initial strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships, including its ambition to reduce carbon intensity as an average across international shipping by at least 40% by 2030, moving towards 70% by 2050 (compared to 2008).

Affected vessels will be required to submit a three-year implementation plan describing how they will achieve their prescribed Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), which rates MARPOL ship types above 5,000 GT on a scale from A to E on how efficiently they transport goods or passengers with regards to CO2 emitted.

For vessels obtaining an inferior rating, the SEEMP III report must be updated with a corrective action plan that must be verified before a Statement of Compliance (SoC) can be issued.

“With only six months to go to ensure compliance with the new MARPOL regulation and meet the SEEMP III verification deadline, ship owners need to take immediate action,” said Sven Dudszus, Head of GHG Certification at DNV Maritime.

“Through our considerable experience running DCS and Emissions Insights reporting for our customers, DNV is uniquely positioned to take the pressure off customers, giving them the peace of mind that they can achieve compliance in this relatively tight time frame.”

The online SEEMP III Generator tool is free of charge for DNV customers and uses data already available in company systems to gain the initial fleet overview. The software will propose energy efficiency measures based on that data that can help the vessel operator reach the required CII.

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