i4 Insight and Danelec to integrate data collection and analysis platforms

Lloyd’s Register software subsidiary i4 Insight has signed a new integration deal with VDR and data collection firm Danelec, to allow common users to more easily collect and analyse vessel data.

The move will see Danelec join the i4 Alliance programme, connecting ship owners and charterers to a variety of technology systems for fleet management, vessel optimisation and decarbonisation.

“Danelec are experts at accessing and collecting vessel data, they have equipment installed on thousands of vessels. Our new partnership now means that the Danelec data can be fed directly into our i4 fleet optimisation platform for AI analysis without any further equipment being installed,” said Joel Meltzner, i4 Insight CEO.

“We can use this data to provide accurate and actionable insights for ship owners and charterers to improve vessel performance.”

“The key concept of the i4 Alliance is not about simply adding unrelated partners but instead building a network of providers that complement one another and, more importantly, help shipping companies solve complex problems. This approach allows us to bring new, innovative, and integrated products and services to market very quickly, with the goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

Danelec currently works with over 10,000 vessels, offering the potential to connect a large range of data to i4’s machine learning technology and improve the overall intelligence of the system.

“Partnering with i4 allows us to offer our customers a quick and easy plug-and-play solution to utilise the navigational and engine room data collected onboard to improve vessel efficiency while reducing their carbon-footprint to comply with upcoming emission reduction regulations,” said Casper Jensen, CEO of Danelec.

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