UMMS bulk carriers to introduce voyage optimisation software

Singapore-based ship management company Union Marine Management Services (UMMS) has agreed a deal to deploy NAPA’s Voyage Optimization and CII Simulator on an initial 55 bulk carriers in its fleet.

Using real-time data on weather and sea conditions, the system proposes the optimal routes and speed profiles to minimise costs and the vessel’s environmental footprint, while ensuring safety.

The software will be integrated into UMMS’s existing in-house ship management web portal, IntuitShip, to be accessible by shipowners directly on the platform. Formal contracts have already been confirmed with approximately individual 20 shipowners for the tools to be used on 55 vessels managed by UMMS, NAPA says.

In addition, the CII Simulator will allow those owners to predict the CII rating of each vessel for any sea passage, chartering period or at the end of the year, and model the impact of different measures on the vessel’s rating.

“With the introduction of new regulations such as CII, EU ETS, and soon FuelEU Maritime, shipowners are increasingly interested in digital technologies that can reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions immediately,” said Vinay Gupta, Managing Director at UMMS.

“This is why we are partnering with NAPA to integrate their ready, proven solutions into our existing platform and provide proactive support for our shipowner clients in their decarbonisation journey.”

“Operational improvements achieved through voyage optimisation and simulation tools represent a low-hanging fruit yet are essential to future-proofing fleets, ensuring compliance and maintaining thriving businesses.”

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