OTG implements digital delivery framework for software updates

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) reports that it has developed a new Digital Delivery framework to manage content and software application updates, allowing relevant content to be delivered over-the-air (OTA) to users’ vessels and offices.

The hardware-agnostic service will be rolled out in stages to cover OTG’s maritime training brands, its TM Master fleet management operations software and its maritime HR package COMPAS.

“Since joining OTG, two things became clear to me immediately: One, our solutions are critical to teams onboard globally dispersed fleets. Two, reliance on physical logistics to get content or updates to ships is not only sub-optimal but has proved prone to disruption over the last two years of the pandemic,” said Ian Hepworth, Chief Technology Officer for Ocean Technologies Group.

“We are prioritising Digital Delivery to eliminate this risk and several others for our customers’ IT teams. Security is improved by eliminating the dependency on USB keys and email updates. Fewer machines need to be maintained on board as solutions can be installed as a virtual machine on existing hardware.”

“Finally, automation of data exchange ensures that everyone has the most up-to-date information, software, and content without needing to request it.”

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