Sea Machines Robotics unveils AI situational awareness system

Autonomous systems company Sea Machines Robotics has unveiled its new AI-ris marine computer-vision navigation sensor, designed to improve safety and performance while vessels are underway by using artificial intelligence to track objects near the vessel.

AI-ris (Artificial Intelligence Recognition and Identification System) uses digital cameras and AI-processing to detect, track, classify and geolocate objects, vessel traffic and other potential obstacles to provide crews with enhanced situational awareness.

The system has been designed to mitigate against human fatigue, distraction and confusion in maritime operations, which can lead to incidents and accidents.

“AI-ris is always scanning for obstacles and can alert the operator of potentially dangerous situations. It also labels objects very small in size, like swimmers, kayakers or animals, to those very large, like another ship,” said CTO Trevor Vieweg, Sea Machines.

“With the ability to detect, classify and geolocate such targets via optical sensors, AI-ris augments and surpasses the capabilities of existing marine sensor technologies, like radar and automatic identification system (AIS), enabling greater performance and achieving the highest levels of safety. In the future, this technology may also help responders detect marine oil spills.”

AI-ris is available now and can be installed aboard existing vessels as well as newbuilds, the company says.

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