Malindi Port begins digitalisation programme

Malindi Port in Zanzibar, Tanzania, is to implement a range of new digital technologies, including a Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system and Terminal Operating System (TOS), having agreed a contract with Wärtsilä Voyage.

The deal was signed with Fortris Company Ltd, acting as prime contractor for Zanzibar Ports Corporation (ZPC), as part of a project to improve efficiency and transparency at the shipping hub.

The Malindi port was built in 1920 and has one berth capable of receiving a 130-metre ship. The port says it has experienced mounting delays in operations using its previous manual, paper-based systems as trading activity in the region grows.

Malindi expects that its revenues are likely to double as a result of implementing its new digital services.

“Zanzibar’s strategic geographical position gives it a comparative advantage in harnessing the benefits of the sea-based economy,” said Mather Al-Ali, Head of Sales – MEAI Region at Wärtsilä Voyage.

“Zanzibar has a strong history in maritime trade with an increased focus in the past two decades where it has had a major contribution to the economy. Developing and modernising the port infrastructure will be a key contributor of sustainable economic growth.”

“We are delighted to have been selected as the ZPC and Fortris partners in this digital transformation programme.”

The scope of delivery will see the installation of technologies including Wärtsilä’s Advanced Intelligent Manoeuvring, Navi-Port, PilotPro Units and VTS Simulator modules, as well as a web version of Navi-Harbour. Navi-Port is used to facilitate the exchange of arrival time data between ports and ships, enabling vessels to automatically adjust speed to achieve just-in-time arrivals and reduce congestion.

The Terminal Operating System to de delivered, developed by VTEK, will be integrated with Wärtsilä Voyage’s Navi-Port to allow for coordination of arrivals and to optimise the flow of operations and cargo movements.

Meanwhile, Navi-Harbour WebVTS will provide real-time vessel traffic data sharing capabilities through a standard Internet browser, with navigational maps, traffic management tools and ship history available.

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