ShipXplorer launches online AIS-based vessel tracking service

ShipXplorer has announced the official launch of its new web tracking portal and ship tracker, powered by its parent company AirNav Systems, with the stated aim of creating the world’s largest AIS-based ship tracking network.

ShipXplorer says it aims to leverage growing demand in the market to build out a terrestrial tracking network along the coastline of over 80 countries, supplementing this coastal network of ground stations with strategic partnerships with satellite data providers to achieve 100% AIS coverage.

“This is a significant and exciting step in the growth of our company,” said Andre Brandao, CEO of ShipXplorer.

“The ship tracking industry has always been a goal for us. We are very proud to enter this new market to offer new solutions to the industry that is constantly looking for tools to meet the new challenges faced by the maritime and ship industry.”

Alongside its tracking service the company has also developed a range of AIS tracking hardware products, its ShipXplorer AIS Dongle, which acts as a USB signal receiver, as well as an omnidirectional ShipXplorer AIS Antenna and its SeaRange AIS Receiver for decoding and displaying AIS transmissions.

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