Unifeeder signs with ZeroNorth to boost decarbonisation efforts

Logistics firm Unifeeder has signed a three-year deal with ZeroNorth, which will see Unifeeder implement the full ZeroNorth platform and ClearLynx bunker system on 90 vessels, as part of the company’s decarbonisation programme.

The software will provide Unifeeder with full fleet data for voyage planning, access to voyage optimisation with integrated weather routing, as well as bunker, vessel, and emissions optimisation recommendations.

“We recognise that it is a key strategic priority to be able to connect vessel, voyage, and bunker processes to maximise our fuel efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions,” said Martin Gaard Christiansen, Chief Commercial Officer at Unifeeder.

“Adopting digital technologies that will help us to advance our green agenda is a crucial step in our commitment to contribute to the reduction of emissions on a local and global scale. Our green agenda includes setting efficiency targets and limiting bunker consumption to reduce our overall emission levels by 50% per container by 2040; an ambitious goal that we will be able to achieve by optimising efficiency across our operations with the support of industry-leading advanced digital technologies.”

“After extensive market research, we found that ZeroNorth is ahead of others with regards to their sustainability features, especially CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) analytics. By offering all operations optimisations in one platform, on a global, 24/7 basis and with full transparency over voyage planning, ZeroNorth is the right partner to support the progress of our sustainable shipping strategy, help improve earnings, reduce emissions, and drive success for our company in the future.”

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