WinGD and Chord X partner on CII data analysis

Swiss marine engine company WinGD has signed a proof-of-concept agreement with emissions data firm Chord X to develop a new range of digital systems focused on sustainability in shipping, including specific tools to derive operational insights from carbon intensity indicator (CII) ratings.

The partners aim to provide visibility into how engine performance affects overall vessel efficiency as reported under IMO’s incoming CII regulation. By linking WinGD’s engine diagnostics platform WiDE with Chord X’s vessel emissions analytics software ecoMax, users will be able to drill down into their current or projected CII scores to see whether engine operation can be optimised to improve ratings.

WinGD customers will be able to access both the WiDE and ecoMax platforms directly, moving between the two platforms with a single click to compare vessel and engine-level emissions performance. Linking the two systems will also allow operators to see how future voyages will affect CII ratings, offering ratings projections for future years as the regulation demands greater efficiency improvements.

“This collaboration comes at the exact time when our industry needs greater visibility of the effectiveness of GHG-reducing technologies,” said WinGD Director of Operations Rudolf Holtbecker.

“By combining WinGD’s advanced engine technology innovation and Chord X’s focus on the emissions profile of vessel operations, ship owners can directly connect the emissions calculations with enhanced machinery analysis.”

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