CII mode added to Qtagg platform

Swedish marine tech company Qtagg is releasing an update to its voyage optimisation system EcoPilot to introduce a CII mode, which will provide ships with a predetermined CII rating as they arrive at their destination.

EcoPilot is used to save fuel, decrease emissions and optimise propulsion efficiency on ro-ro, ro-pax and cargo ships. The company says that adjusting to follow its just-in-time arrival mode can allow fuel savings of about 7% to be achieved, while using interactive on time arrival makes it possible to achieve an additional 20%.

“Ship owners and operators want to control CII ratings of their ships, while not overcompensate by slowing down too much. They will be able to choose a CII value for every voyage and reliably target that outcome,” said Tomas Lindqvist, CEO of Qtagg.

“Operators will be able to better maintain their yearly revenue per ship and be in full control of fleet performance.”

“The propulsion plan is calculated based on the desired outcome and acknowledged by the captain. EcoPilot is connected to the governors and pitch controller for automatic execution of the propulsion plan. The plan is recalculated continuously, based on updated weather reports and ship progress. Changes in schedule can be sent directly to the system from onshore fleet operations centres and, once acknowledged by the bridge, the propulsion plan is optimised and updated.”

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