Intellian launches latest maritime TV antennas

Intellian has launched its latest vessel live TV antennas, with the introduction of its new t-Series and s-Series equipment.

The new t-Series antennas, available from September, feature an upgrade to Intellian’s WorldView LNB technology (WLNB) to enable television viewing onboard anywhere in the world as vessels travel between regional services. The four new models – t85N, t100N, t130N, t150N – range from 85cm up to 150cm.

A new s-Series range also in development for the US regional market, with an expected launch later this year. The new s100N and s130N will be a dual Ka-band for the US and Ku-band for the Mediterranean, TV receive only antenna system. 

The new antennas are built on Intellian’s existing NX platform and use its AptusNTV user interface to simplify management and maintenance. The units also incorporate a new ACU enabling faster downloading of log files and upgrades.

“Satellite TV antennas have always been of huge importance to Intellian and that hasn’t changed,” said Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian.

“Our first ever Intellian product was the i4, a satellite TV antenna we launched back in 2004 which brought live sports, current affairs and broadcasting to mariners all over the world. With many launches since then, this new t-Series marks Intellian’s continued leadership in satellite antenna innovation and commitment to improving user and customer experience.”

“With live TV crucial in keeping seafarers connected to home territories and maintaining morale on working vessels, we’re proud to launch a product to bring more value and improved experience to maritime customers.”

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