Darussalam Pilotage Services moves to digital platform from Innovez One

Darussalam Pilotage Services (DPS), a provider of pilotage and towage services for the port of Muara in Brunei, has agreed a deal to implement the MarineM software system from Singapore-based Innovez One.

DPS will use the application to digitise and optimise marine services for vessels arriving and departing the port of Muara, from vessel registration to billing.

The digital platform will replace paper-based processes to capture job requests, track the progress of each job in real time, and generate invoices automatically, while agents will be able to use an online portal to register their port calls and order services directly from mobile devices.

The AI-powered system will also be used to automate and optimise the scheduling of port, tug and pilotage services. Key operations including vessel allocation and job planning and tracking will be managed digitally rather than using manual processes such as whiteboards, paper and spreadsheets.

MarineM uses GPS and AIS data to track the position of each vessel and the status of jobs in real time and applies artificial intelligence to automate scheduling, allocating resources and allowing any changes in vessels’ ETAs to be handled instantly.

“We are excited to enter the digital era with Innovez One’s state-of-the-art solutions, which will help us unlock the full potential of our tug, pilot and towage services, maximise our operational efficiency, and deliver a paper-free and stress-free experience for our clients,” said Zil Husam Abd Rahman, General Manager at Darussalam Pilotage Services (DPS).

“As the main gateway for international trade, the Port of Muara is an essential hub for the development of Brunei Darussalam and other economies in the region. Entering the digital era will enable us to not only offer the best possible service to our customers, but also play an even greater role in delivering sustainable development for our country and communities.”

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