STI in Chile to deploy LTE network for terminal connectivity

San Antonio Terminal Internacional S.A. (STI) is to deploy a new LTE private network at its terminal in Chile, working with communications infrastructure company Nokia.

The private wireless network will be based on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) platform and will use 4.9G LTE to deliver high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity, and improved network predictability in piers and yards across an area of 31 hectares.

As the single supplier for this project, Nokia will also provide the RAN (radio access network), training, implementation services and remote support.

The platform is expected to support future use cases such as remote and autonomous crane operations within the piers and yards at STI, the main port terminal in Chile and one of the most important port terminals in South America.

“By deploying an industrial-grade private wireless network at San Antonio Terminal Internacional S.A. (STI), the port will have a robust, secure and predictable wireless connectivity platform,” said Marcelo Entreconti, Head of Enterprise for Latin America, Nokia.

“With this project, STI takes an important step in its digitalisation journey, improving safety and productivity with a future-ready platform also capable of supporting digitalisation and automation use cases.”

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