Cobham Satcom adds THOR 7 antennas to XTR range

Cobham Satcom is set to add two new Ka-band antenna systems for Telenor Satellite’s THOR 7 VSAT service to its SAILOR XTR antenna range.

The one-metre SAILOR 1000 XTR Ka and 65-centimetre SAILOR 600 XTR Ka are built on Cobham Satcom’s XTR VSAT technology platform offering simplified installation, remote access for monitoring and support, and optimised radio frequency performance.

Both antennas have been developed to provide users with the option to migrate to their choice of networks on Ka or Ku-band frequencies in any communication satellite orbits as required, with a new antenna feedhorn and a new dual-pol, wideband Ka-band transceiver, available in 4.5W and 9W variants.

“THOR 7 has enabled hundreds of European vessels to deliver business and crew welfare applications, movie streaming, adopt digital operations and the Internet of Things for more efficient operations and business, and we are confident that our new SAILOR XTR powered Ka-band antennas will unlock even more ways to work safer, reduce operational costs and limit a vessel’s environmental impact by securing more reliable data connectivity on Telenor Satellite’s dedicated European VSAT network,” said Jens Ewerling, Product Manager, Cobham Satcom. 

First delivery of the new antennas, which are designed as a replacement for the previous generation of SAILOR VSAT Ka antennas for THOR 7, is expected during Q4 2022.

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