KVH adds Greek TV for seafarers

KVH has partnered with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) to offer customised Greek-focused content to seafarers on vessels connected to its VSAT network.

The service will be delivered through KVH Link, which allows crews to connect to a central media hub using their personal devices, or for it to be shown on TVs on board their vessels.

Programming through the new collaboration with ERT will feature both video and audio content. Video content includes a one-hour news bulletin broadcast daily, while programming from the ‘Voice of Greece’ radio station will offer news and current events, culture, music, and sports.

“Through this cooperation with KVH, we are now able to provide the news to our audience at sea all around the world,” said Kostas Machairas, ERT’s Department of Greeks Abroad Director.

“We are especially happy to provide our radio show ‘Fair Winds and Following Seas’ covering topics like life at sea, stories and testimonies, and live connections with Greek ships. Shipping is so ingrained into the country’s DNA that it is difficult to find a family that doesn’t have members either currently at sea or having worked on a ship in some capacity at one point in their lives.”

KVH delivers its KVH Link service through its TracPhone VSAT systems and TracNet hybrid terminals, with files sent to vessels via its IP-MobileCast content delivery technology using data that is outside the vessel’s monthly plan.

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