Speedcast to offer Starlink to maritime

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Speedcast has announced that it will begin offering Starlink satcom services from Elon Musk’s SpaceX company to maritime customers following the agreement of a new deal between the companies.

Starlink introduced its maritime connectivity services and equipment earlier this year, delivered via its constellation of satellites operating in low Earth orbit. Retail service plans cost $5,000 per month, with two antennas supplied at a cost of $10,000.

Speedcast says it will design and deploy technology systems for customers choosing to implement the technology, to deliver optimal levels of performance and operational efficiency based on the user’s own specific circumstances.

The company notes that it has already begun supporting customer trials to demonstrate the capabilities of Starlink as part of an integrated service with other connectivity systems.

“Starlink is an exciting new communications pathway for customers, offering significant diversity and added capacity at a time when remote sites continue to push to the farthest ends of the Earth and when bandwidth demand is ever increasing,” said Joe Spytek, Chief Executive Officer at Speedcast.

“As a trusted, agnostic integrator of next-generation technologies for customers, we’re excited to add Starlink to our toolkit to make ubiquitous connectivity a reality for remote operations around the world.”

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