Siglar Carbon to offer carbon rankings of ships to charterers

Norwegian emissions data analytics company Siglar Carbon has launched a new Ship Finder tool, to allow ship charterers to compare carbon emissions from ships in the spot market and incorporate that emissions data into their decision making prior to fixing.

Estimates are presented in tonnes of CO2 emitted to allow emissions levels to be compared across different fleets and avoid reliance on the various calculation models used by different operators. The software then presents the most carbon-efficient ships by ranking the available alternatives according to expected carbon footprint.

“The Ship Finder enables large emissions reductions. In a highly competitive market, where any information is an asset, it can also give smart charterers a competitive edge,” said Sigmund Kyvik, CEO Siglar Carbon.

The company notes that several thousand tonnes of CO2 per voyage often separate the ships on the high-end of the ranking from the ships on the low-end, meaning that chartering choices can have a major impact on decarbonisation.

From the cost perspective, this could also have a significant impact in the context of carbon taxes and emissions trading schemes, where carbon costs could increase the price of voyages by tens of thousands of dollars.

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