IMMERSEAV VR training system to be tested at University of Rijeka

The Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Rijeka in Croatia has reached an agreement with Prevention at Sea Ltd (P@S) to introduce virtual reality (VR) training systems from newly established P@S Group company IMMERSEAV.

IMMERSEAV is a VR competency and cognitive profiling system combining a wireless VR headset with an online monitoring platform.

It consists of a library of VR maritime courses used for improving seafarers’ safety behaviour, monitoring their mental health, identifying training needs and creating personalised training schemes for each individual.

Under the partnership with University of Rijeka, both parties will work collaboratively to collect data on VR training utilisation through the participation of the pool of seafarers, maritime professionals and students in Croatia, which will then be utilised to create competency and cognitive function indicators for benchmarking.

“We are pleased to be a part of this interesting and valuable project and to cooperate with P@S, one of the leading companies dealing with improvement of safety in maritime industry,” said Prof Vlado Frančić, Vice-Dean of Professional Training and Development at the Faculty of Maritime Studies.

“Our partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the future development and implementation of IMMERSEAV as a state of-the art training opportunity for maritime professionals.”

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