Crowley and ABS to begin pilot project on AR and VR

US shipping and logistics company Crowley is to explore the application of visualisation technologies in both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments to support vessel operations, through a new collaboration agreement with class society ABS.

The new partnership aims to build on Crowley’s existing augmented reality technology used on select vessels where crew have access to wearable technology from Kognitiv Spark to provide video and remote access at 360-degree views of ship equipment, used for maintenance, updates and upgrades.

A joint pilot project involving the two organisations will centre around class-related survey support activities such as aspects of annual and special surveys including task crediting, along with scenarios involving surveyors, engineers and back-office survey support, virtual walkthroughs and livestreaming utilising remote and hybrid survey techniques.

“Partnership is key to sustainable growth and success in maritime services, and we look forward to working with ABS to advance innovation technology for the benefit of our maritime ecosystem and our customers,” said Cole Cosgrove, Vice President, Crowley Shipping.

“These innovations will provide mariners a safer and more efficient option and allow us to provide services for our customers that are even more reliable and effective.”

AR technologies are also part of a new series of research projects ABS is funding at Texas A&M University that are currently underway. The basis of the AR research is to understand the safety implications of wearables aboard vessels and in offshore environments.

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