NAVTOR integrates HOPPE real time data into NavFleet platform

NAVTOR has announced that it has linked up with measurement and control systems supplier HOPPE to allow data collected by HOPPE’s onboard vessel technology to be made available directly within the NAVTOR NavFleet performance management and optimisation platform.

The partnership allows customers of the two firms to feed real-time operational data into the NavFleet application from HOPPE’s systems, such as Valve Remote Control, Tank Content Measurement, Anti-Heeling, FLUME and INTERING Anti-Rolling, and MAIHAK Shaft Power Meters, to give onshore teams better control of their maritime assets.

“HOPPE is an established industry giant in the field of sensor technology, control systems and the digitisation of fleets. By tapping into the wealth of data their advanced maritime systems harvest, NavFleet can deliver enhanced operational understanding and performance for users worldwide,” said Arild Risholm Sæther, CBDO NavFleet, NAVTOR.

“It will empower onshore teams; delivering an ability to ‘have eyes on the ship’ like never before, with full operational insight and awareness. From there they have the means to use our powerful analytics platform – which offers dual validation to ensure the best quality data – to continually benchmark, manage and improve vessel, and business, performance.”

“This kind of agreement is essential for an industry targeting greater sustainability, connecting the data with the means to act on it. We’re delighted to be working with a partner of HOPPE MARINE’s standing.”

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