Blue Sky Network anti-piracy comms unit introduced

Blue Sky Network has announced the launch of its SkyLink Citadel, an anti-piracy communications system for seafarers, which will be commercially available from Q1 2023.

The Citadel system provides High-Definition (HD) audio and access to mid-band data over the Iridium Certus network, with a dedicated SOS switch, battery backup power, and standard GPS tracking of the vessel also included.

A ruggedised outdoor unit houses the SkyLink device and an antenna, which is connected via a single cable to a lockable cabinet in the safe room. The cabinet includes a dedicated handset, the SOS switch, and Ethernet connection point.

Data rates to and from the ship are 88 kbps upload and 22kbps download, expected to be used to send messages and email, or small files.

“Our SkyLink Citadel is a transformational shift from the typical anti-piracy solution,” said Tucker Morrison, CEO, Blue Sky Network.

“The high-quality voice makes for clear communications, and when combined with the low-latency, provides an experience like a standard cell phone call. The increased data speeds off the ship, plus battery back-up, are essential for emergency situations.”

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