Windcat Workboats completes rollout of digital reporting system

Windcat Workboats, a provider of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to the offshore wind power industry, has installed Reygar’s Digital Daily Reporting System across its fleet of approximately 50 workboats.

The Digital DPR (DDPR) app runs from a touchscreen tablet onboard and is used to reduce administrative burden and improve accuracy from daily progress reporting. The system was trialled on several of Windcat Workboats’ CTVs over the past 18 months before the full fleet wide rollout, which was completed in mid-October.

“We are committed to meeting the reporting needs of our customers with a digitalised vessel fleet. We also want to look after our crews and back-office teams by reducing the reporting burden and streamlining where possible. The team at Reygar understood exactly what was needed and worked closely with us to customise their DDPR system around our specific requirements,” said Phillip Goffin, IT Manager for Windcat Workboats.

“Now, we have a single app from which our skippers can generate customised DPR reports according to the requirements of the customer, as well as internal management reports for our back office. Our crews and back-office people are happy, and it is saving us valuable time.”

“We look forward to working with our customers to provide them this centralised, customisable reporting solution going forward.”

The app can be configured to gather a variety of DPR data, including crew details, fuel and consumables use, various task types, transits, passenger transfers to turbines and working hours data. Information input live from the vessel can be accessed from the cloud by shore staff, with users also able to access cloud based KPI data.

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