ABS adds AI chatbots to risk management platform

ABS is adding AI-powered chatbots and voicebots to its My Digital Fleet risk management platform in cooperation with conversational AI firm yellow.ai, to provide users with an alternative option when interacting with its systems.

yellow.ai’s technology will be used to create a virtual fleet manager within the ABS platform, assisting users with fleet tracking information, weather, equipment and fuel monitoring, carbon intensity indicator (CII) monitoring, route optimisation, and data visualisation.

My Digital Fleet is a customisable risk management application that integrates vessel data to support real-time analysis and insights, connected to an ecosystem of technology providers on a unified platform.

“As a shared solution for shipowners, ship managers and charterers, this will allow us to provide actionable insights for each stakeholder regarding which vessels from the fleet need their attention and why in a fast, helpful and conversational manner,” said Smarty Mathew John, Vice President of Digital Solutions at ABS.

“Questions asked can be as simple as which vessels are not meeting charter party requirements or EEOI targets or have non-functioning critical equipment or where to bunker for lowest fuel cost. There are a lot of possibilities. With yellow.ai, ABS can continue building on its commitment to deliver cutting-edge insights and an unrivalled user experience.”

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