KR updates structural assessment software

Korean Register (KR) has released a new version of its structural assessment software, SeaTrust-HullScan V3, improving its ability to handle large-capacity graphics and cope with more complex ship designs and regulations.

SeaTrust-HullScan V3 performs structural analysis for various types of vessels and marine structures by using FEM (finite element modelling), a method for determining stress and displacement points by dividing a large structure into numerous finite-sized elements.

In addition, the software features a range of visualisation functions, improved interface capabilities with CAD programs for ship design and extending its application to other types of structure. Automatic updates are also included in the new version.

“This is a leap forward for our popular software. With vessel design requirements becoming increasingly complex, the need for structural assessment software capable of handling shipyards’ requirements is critical,” said Daeheon Kim, Executive Vice President of KR’s R&D Division.

“KR is dedicated to meeting customer needs and further solidifying our role as a trusted provider of technical software.”

First released in 2014, the SeaTrust-HullScan system is used as a standard software for CSR (Common Structural Rules) applications by South Korea’s major shipbuilders.

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