UAB-Online makes basic version of digital platform available for free

UAB-Online, provider of a digital platform for liquid bulk shipping, has introduced a ‘freemium’ model of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for deep sea and inland terminals, providing initial access without upfront costs.

The application from the Netherlands-headquartered firm is used to support vessel handling operations, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations like the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT6).

“Based on conversations with customers, we realised that the motivation to move to a more digitised process often starts with one person at a terminal who sees the benefits of this change but then needs to influence and convince many different stakeholders,” said Hans Bobeldijk, CEO, UAB-Online.

“We introduced the freemium model because we are confident that once an operator starts using our application, everyone will quickly see the value of innovation.”

“Our goal: safe, efficient, and sustainable inland and sea shipping worldwide. We deliver a smart and affordable application, adaptable to the wishes of the specific user, which provides direct benefits in terms of efficiency and safety, and indirectly benefits the entire chain. We guarantee compliance with national and international laws and regulations.”

For deep sea terminals, the free version of the product provides a digital ISGOTT6 workflow, automated pre-arrival announcements, five days of announcement and arrival data and documentation retention, and online training.

For inland terminals, the free version offers a digital pre-arrival announcement workflow including binding instruments that fulfil legal requirements like ADN and CDNI, five days of announcement and arrival data and documentation retention, and online training.

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