Colombian terminal deploys new private wireless network

A new private 4.9G wireless network and edge computing system has been deployed at Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía in Cartagena, Colombia, built around the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC).

The set-up includes Nokia MX Industrial Edge equipment to provide wireless connectivity and on-premises OT data processing for the facility.

Sociedad Portuaria Puerto Bahía, in the Bay of Cartagena, is a Colombian multipurpose maritime terminal handling various types of cargo, mainly general cargo and hydrocarbons, and is the largest private hydrocarbon terminal in the country.

One of the use cases for the new digital infrastructure is for the tracking of up to 20,000 vehicles at peak capacity, with the Nokia DAC also providing connectivity between the TOS (Terminal Operation Systems) and terminal personnel, and between cranes in docks and yards to optimise operations.

“Innovation is at the heart of Puerto Bahía. Our aim as a company is to implement technological tools that help us position ourselves as a Smart Port 4.0,” said Rodrigo Torras, President of Puerto Bahía.

“With (our) industrial-grade network, we are undoubtedly setting a great scenario for the optimisation of our logistics and the development of various use cases that will lead us to a more effective operation and benefit our customers, suppliers and collaborators.”

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