Stena Line to implement Nowhere Networks’ radio-based connectivity system

Ferry operator Stena Line has agreed a deal with Nowhere Networks for the delivery of vessel internet services across its fleet, connecting to shore-based wireless networks.

Implementation has already begun, with some 32 of Stena Line’s 38 ships expected be connected by the start of next year. The total distance of the routes covered by the connectivity network will be approximately 4000km.

The deal between the two firms was agreed following the completion of a six month evaluation period where the system was tested by Stena Line.

“We are very proud to have one of the world’s largest shipping companies as a customer. Also, Stena Line is renowned for always being at the forefront of innovation development and we really enjoy working with them,” said Asbjörn Frydenlund, CEO, Nowhere Networks.

Nowhere Networks’ radio-based system includes shipboard equipment consisting of built-in antenna tracking technology which automatically communicates via a wireless signal from ship to land.

The company says that its cloud-based software platform is capable of scaling to over 10,000 vessels, with automated control and automatic resource optimisation on the network.

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