Leschaco moves to electronic Bills of Lading

Logistics service provider Leschaco is to digitise its House Bill of Lading (HBL) transactions through a partnership with WAVE BL, a provider of digital document systems.

In a typical digital HBL transaction, Leschaco will receive a Master Bill of Lading (MBL) on the WAVE BL platform and then issue multiple House Bills of Lading (HBLs) to each exporter in the transaction.

These, in turn, will receive their HBLs and transfer possession to the importers. Each importer surrenders its HBL to Leschaco, and Leschaco surrenders the MBL.

Because each eBL transfer is performed digitally on the WAVE BL platform, document transactions can be completed much faster than paper-based equivalents, with all parties able to connect on a single network.

“Fast and secure transport of commercial documents is an essential part of the supply chain,” said Constantin Conrad, CDO of the Leschaco Group.

“Digitalisation is becoming more and more important. Leschaco was therefore looking for a digital solution and selected WAVE BL as our provider. The Leschaco eBL solution will increase our customer satisfaction and make our documentation more efficient and sustainable.”

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