IEC Telecom completes Maritime Network Systems acquisition

IEC Telecom reports that it has completed a deal to acquire Maritime Network Systems, a provider of satellite and LTE connectivity systems focused on the yachting sector.

Headquartered in the western Mediterranean Sea, Maritime Network Systems (MNS) will become part of the IEC Telecom Group and offer its range of connectivity services to customers, including Starlink, VSAT, L-band, plus IEC’s collection of value-added services.

“Welcoming MNS to IEC Telecom Group is a new milestone in our journey to transforming the maritime communications market,” said Erwan Emilian, CEO at IEC Telecom Group.

“The niche expertise of MNS coupled with an advanced solution portfolio from IEC Telecom will enable real-time network management for captains and very high-throughput quality browsing for end-users. We aim to resolve the challenges that yacht operators face by providing services which satisfy the ever-evolving need for high-speed data transmission and analysis and reliable connectivity.”

“Data privacy is the first priority for IEC Telecom. With Starlink, the latest addition to our satcom portfolio, high-speed and fully secured data access is now available even for a 20-metre yacht. At the same time, building on our expertise in servicing large-scale vessels, we are well-equipped to offer robust cyber security infrastructure for mega yachts. We are now sailing full-steam ahead on our voyage to spread digitalisation at sea.”

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