Idwal launches new module for vessel S&P data exchange

Idwal reports that it has launched a new software module for use with its pre-sale inspection reports, to facilitate the digital exchange of data during the sale and purchase (S&P) of vessels.

The module allows sellers to authorise potential buyers’ access to relevant Idwal reports directly and see who is engaging with the asset information.

The tool builds on the company’s pre-sale inspection scheme, where sellers pay for Idwal surveyors to produce an inspection report on the vessel that Idwal then offers for sale to prospective buyers on the seller’s behalf. The new module maintains the same principles but automates some of the relevant procedures.

“Idwal is very proud to have become widely accepted as an industry hallmark for high quality and accurate S&P reports and key to this is our continued focus on the integrity of our inspections and the subsequent reports,” said Idwal Chief Commercial Officer, George Haysom.

“With the ever-growing adoption of Idwal reports and the Idwal Grade as an industry-recognised standard, we have seen an increase in fraudulent Idwal reports, which we knew we needed to eliminate.”

“Our new module will make it even smoother for buyers to ensure that they are accessing authentic reports directly from us, removing any risk of tampering by third parties. For sellers, it will offer a more streamlined experience with the ability to grant access to reports and to understand how buyers are engaging with those reports.”

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