N-Sea Pathfinder trials network detection and response system

The geo survey vessel N-Sea Pathfinder has completed the implementation of a new network detection and response system in conjunction with maritime cyber specialists Port-IT, to ensure the safety of the large amounts of data processed for its customers.

The vessel was chosen to run a long-term trial of the Port-IT service, with the information gathered and lessons learned to be used to further the development of the technology for future users.

The NDR system monitors direct data communications between devices within a network that do not connect to the outside internet and are therefore not subject to firewalls and security protocols usually implemented within a router.

Instead, NDR analyses local-only traffic on network switches, searching for malicious activity using multiple integrated engines and building a behavioural profile based on what the source of the traffic has previously transmitted.

The system is now being used by N-Sea to gain new insights into local network performance and vessel cybersecurity on the Pathfinder, to mitigate against targeted attacks or actions by malicious insiders with knowledge of the vessel and its infrastructure.

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