IEC Telecom introduces new vessel cybersecurity system

IEC Telecom has introduced OptiShield, a cybersecurity system designed specifically for the maritime industry, combining software with a dedicated remote IT team to protect onboard networks.

“To navigate safely in the digital ocean, having a toolkit is not enough,” said Jalloul Ben Soussia, VP of Technology at IEC Telecom Group.

“It is essential to have a qualified team to manage the software to ensure optimal benefits for your vessel, but not every vessel can have an IT specialist on board. We developed OptiShield to provide it all: advanced cybersecurity software coupled with a 24/7 remote support team of experts.”

The software provides direct threat protection and detection, while IEC Telecom’s remote experts function as a cyber response team, to assist vessels in effectively dealing with any incident to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

OptiShield integrates endpoint antivirus and a firewall, providing real-time investigation of incidents and automatic quarantining of suspicious endpoints. SSL and IPSec VPN technologies are utilised to create safe access to corporate networks and applications, with two-factor authentication as an optional extra.

Downloads are analysed in real time, leveraging a cloud-based global threat intelligence platform to protect onboard networks against emerging threats. The antivirus can also roll back changes made by malicious programs and restore the endpoint to a pre-infection state where required.

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