Samsung Heavy Industries and Kongsberg Maritime to develop autonomous LNG carrier

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has announced that it has partnered with Kongsberg Maritime and signed a Joint Development Project Agreement (JDA) to work together on the creation of a new autonomous LNG carrier.

The project aims to provide a basis for improved safety and efficiency in vessel operations through the use of autonomous, remote, and low emission technology. SHI’s role in the project will be as the system integrator with overall development responsibility, while Kongsberg will be responsible for the design of the integrated systems.

“The autonomous LNG carrier we are developing in partnership will reduce operational risk and cost for our customers’ fleets, and as the shipbuilding and shipping industries become increasingly digitised, we are committed to continuing to develop cutting-edge digital technology for ship applications,” said Haeki Jang, Chief Technology Officer at SHI.

Last year, SHI completed a successful demonstration of its existing SAS (Samsung Autonomous Ship) navigation technology aboard the 9,200-ton vessel Segero, which operated autonomously for 512 nautical miles along the Korean coastline as part of a project with Mokpo National Maritime University.

SHI says it has also been developing cybersecurity systems for autonomous ships using blockchain technology, to provide additional resilience in operations.

“We are pleased to announce our Joint Development Project Agreement to develop the next generation LNG Carrier with advanced digital technology, as we take a significant step towards the future of maritime transportation,” said Lisa Edvardsen Haugan, President of Kongsberg Maritime.

“Through the integration of autonomous, remote and eco-friendly technology, we aim to enhance safety and efficiency, setting new standards for the industry. This project represents our commitment to driving innovation in the maritime sector, and we look forward to collaboration with our partners to deliver a sustainable and prosperous future.”

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