Crew safety smartwatch adds new features

Singapore-based Magellan X reports that it has added new features to its SOL-X safety smartwatch for seafarers, adding message broadcast functionality, noise monitoring and fall detection.

The ATEX certified smartwatch platform can connect over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with existing capabilities including heart rate monitoring, heat stress detection and geofencing.

“At Magellan X, we are committed to providing a solution that ensures safety by anticipating incidents and accidents,” said Alister Leong, Chief Product Officer of Magellan X.

“We continue to innovate on our connected worker platform and the new features will further improve situational awareness for workers and operational visibility for supervisors on site.”

The new broadcast message feature enables users to send and receive safety-related information, which can be used in the conduct of emergency drills, mustering and other scenarios. Supervisors in control rooms can send broadcast messages through a dashboard which will then be communicated to the workers on their smartwatches.

New noise monitoring and alert capabilities allow noise exposure levels at the worksite to be monitored, with the smartwatch measuring noise levels four times per hour. The data can be used to provide noise level readings for surveys, and an alert is triggered when levels are consistently high to alert workers to take precautions.

The new fall detection feature sends a message to the platform Dashboard when a fall is detected, displaying the identity of the worker and their last known location to allow supervisors to respond accordingly.

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