Bureau Veritas launches cyber analysis tool

Bureau Veritas has launched a Cyber Health Analysis Report Tool (CHART) to assist in analysing ships’ digital architecture (OT/IT) and identify specific vulnerabilities and levels of preparedness to deal with potential cyber threats.

The tool aims to offer a technical assessment of a vessel’s cyber resilience at specific moments in its lifecycle, allowing users to continuously review, maintain and update systems in the face of evolving cyber threats.

The system delivers an audit of the vessel’s equipment, networks, security mechanisms and interconnections, to ensure they are fully known to the owner and that their compliance can be validated with cybersecurity standards, including regulations from IMO, IACS and flag states.

The analysis provides a ‘cybersecurity health check report’, together with recommended mitigation measures.

“The monitoring and remote management of connected and even hyper-connected systems, as well as cloud-based web applications, have become instrumental to improve ships’ performance and efficiency,” said Paul Delouche, Strategy and Advanced Services Director at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

“While their benefits are undeniable, these systems also increase the surface for potential cyber-attacks. Such incidents could compromise valuable cargo and entire fleet operations, as well as the safety of the ship and crew. Therefore, cybersecurity must be taken into consideration during the whole lifecycle of a vessel.”

“Our role at BV is to support companies with our technical expertise on the cyber security ecosystem, and our knowledge of the highest industry standards, to help them progress in their digital resilience journey with the confidence that the right safeguards are in place to protect their systems and critical data. Our goal is to enable shipowners to protect their assets, define expectations for shipyards and equipment manufacturers, and support compliance with flag authority, IACS and IMO regulations.”

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